Titanium Kickstand

Hey guy's,

Just fitted a "TI" kickstand to my WR and dropped 1lb from the stock stand.

It has a billet machined knuckle and 1" tubeing, and a lasercut foot.

Made by the same folks that do all the works "TI" stuff for GYT-R.

Sold under the brand SRG-R. It is a very nice

weight saver for $150.00

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Man, at a $150.00 per pound, it would be cheaper to spend a little more time in the weight room.....

There are other advantages to the kickstand being lighter. Watch your buddy when he lands off a big jump. The kickstand will slap down and often hit the ground. I don't think it's a big deal, but I don't like it.

Where did you get this kickstand??


Mike you are right,the reason a kickstand will flip down after a jump IS THE WEIGHT..this will not happen when the stand is only ounces.

As for the $150.00 a pound. You can eat steak or you can eat hamburger, you choose....good things don't come cheap. :)

The stand is available from RAH IND (661-295-5196 ext-323)

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[This message has been edited by scott annand (edited 06-21-2001).]

Fill me in on where you got it from. I don't find it to be unreasonable. Can you post a pic for us??

Mike, Good point!!! My kick stand does seem to come down too much.


I've got a cheaper solution that saves even more weight-remove it! Takes all of 2 minutes.Another good fix though, is to use a rubberband made from a 1" piece of old rear innertube.Attach this around the top chain roller w/ a tierap.Make sure it doesn't interfere w/ the roller action.Loop around the kickstand and it will not flop.

I have been using this method for 6 mos or so w/ good results.Usually before a 2 hr race, I will remove the stand, but sometimes I will just use the band.


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I don't race and not having one for the rides sucks. It makes it easier when you need to help your buddies real quick. I think buying one is the best option for me.

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