clickers on a 99 wr400,, need help

:confused:Hi im a novice rider, im 6 feet tall and 180 lbs., somebody could tell me aprox. how many clicks should i put on the upper and lower part of my fork?,, and the shock too please.

i already got the sag thing done,, but i have no idea about the clicks that will work for me,,, i ride mostly in the woods and sometimes desert, and i feel like the suspension is too stiff on rocks.

Thanks a lot.

BTW my friend told me that i should go 10 clicks compression and 10 clicks rebound on the forks and also 10 clicks compression and 8 clicks rebound for the shock,, its that ok?.

Thanx a lot.


I dont think their is a set click you should have the bike suspension set at :devil:, I change mine every ride just to see what it feels like, doesn't hurt to try it and see. If it feels firm on the rocks and your not doing jumps try backing it off a few clicks and see what its like.


Any one correct me if im wrong :thumbsup:

Thanx SteadyEddy,, i got just one more question about the forks,,, the upper clicks are for compression and the lower part adjuts rebound right? same goes on the rear shock?.

Thanks for your attention :thumbsup:

The fork is opposite from the shock. The fork is rebound on top compression on the bottom.

There are many variables but in general the suspension should be set up soft for rocks and firm for jumps,whoops and sand.

Also, suspension in need of an oil change will cause the bike to bounce around in rocks.

Good Luck.

Allright R_Little,, you stopped me from making a mistake on the forks,, he he he i always thought that compression adjusters were on top!!

So 10 clicks overall,, you think is a good thing to start?,,, how many clicks are you running on your bike?

Thanx a lot for the info :thumbsup:

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