Took a Spill! Need Help with Handlebars :'(

I took a spill on rocky terrain, and messed the plastic somethin' fierce, but that's of no concern, as it can't be kept mint, anyway. :thumbsup: Aside from mangling my knee and foot, the handlebars were shoved/bent about 2-3mm back on the right side from the impact. I assume it hit the steering stop and that's what did it. I wasn't goin that fast, maybe 5mph tops negotiating the terrain and the front tire slipped out from under me. I'm surprised it bent. Does anyone know a good way to bend em back and save em? I know it's not a huge difference, but I can still feel it and it bothers me. they are GYT-R handlebars, and I discovered they're made by renthal :devil: yet they still took a licking.



vice, pipe wrench, blow torch (add heat) and try sticking a metal rod into the bar (the side that's bent) for prying......good luck.....

I pretzeled my factory steel ones on the first spill. You say you have the GYTR bars, are they thick walled or what, I have never seen em... once they bend, they will tend to bend easier on the next spill. I would suggest getting some thick walled aluminum bars like renthal or protaper. I used the Pro Taper AC3 bars but I think they now call them somthing else. They fit the stock triple clamp and have withstood some serious hits... not a single bit of bend in them.

I have always been told once bent dont try to unbend them or else they will bend a lot easier the next time, just replace with cheapo stock unit or go after market, plenty to choose from.

Alright, it seems my handlebars that went 2 years without fail are going to need replacement I try to heat and bend with the brace removed, but as they cool they return to their former "sprung" position..... :thumbsup: ...quite odd. I've looked at the Pro Taper SE's which seem to be very promising. If i can get them at $66.98USD, is that a good price? Is a 5mm wall that thick? I would say the old GYT-R's that I had were ~2-2.5. So a lot thincker in comparison, I would think, but I've never had to replace bars. Does TT carry pro taper? I didn't see it on the listing. I would love to support this forum, so if anyone has handlebars that can be purchased here that have had numerous crashes without bending, please, let me know! Oh, and is there anywhere I can get a cool package of stickers to hide those nasty gouges in my plastic? :devil: Would it be better overall to get a low bar or high bar, in your opinion? I'll see if I can survive with the slightly bent ones while I wait for the new bar to arrive, but they mess with my cornering chi. :awww:

P.S. Last question: What are they referring to when they say 20 some "bends." that Pro Taper makes? Is it part of the manufacturing process? I'm a total handlebar newbie. :lol:

If you have to order Pro Tapers sight unseen, I totally recommend the Doug Henry bend on the YZ's. Everyone who has ridden my bike loves that bend.

The bars are available in many shapes. Sure, there all handlebars, but some are high, some low, and some offer a lot of pull-back towards the rider.

The Henry bars are just about the perfect shape.

I dont think I would use your old aluminum bars after heating them. Also, they recommend never removing the bolt on crossbars.

Nope, it's 1 1/8" , all the crossbar-less bars are oversize....and MUCH stronger!

another words you will need to replace your triple clamps as well in order to use the bars.

I run Jimmy Button bend Renthals. Haven't been able to bend them yet. These will fit your stock triple clamps.

GYT-R handlebars ?

Renthal bars come stock on the 2005 bikes, but if you have GYT-R handlebars, they are not made by Renthal. Renthal does NOT make bars for anyone but Renthal (no private label).


another words you will need to replace your triple clamps as well in order to use the bars.

No, you can get adaptors, and kkep your stock triple clamp... it will raise your bars about an inch or so... I can send pics if you like... I have a set for sale, but you could probably get them cheaper locally...

I have the ProTaper Doug Henry bars too... they open up the cockpit a fair bit, and make the bike fit me better...

The protapers are strong, and you can cut them down a little width wise, but otherwise, you can't go wronmg with any of the oversize bars... they sure beat the factory liquorice anyday... :thumbsup::devil:


I've got the Pro Taper Henry bend in SE 7/8ths, so that makes it easier yet! :thumbsup:

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