Large Gas Tanks

Anyone know of a source for an extended range 450 tank other than IMS? Going from 2.6 gal stock to 3.0 doen't seem worth the $$. Anything larger out there?


I have a Clark on mine. Works well and keeps the YZ seat position.

The Yamaha GYT-R tank is made by Acerbis and the two tanks are the same exactly. Each holds 3.4 US gallons. The price for the Acerbis version will be significantly lower than for the GYT-R version. The GYT-R tank is only available from Yamaha. The Acerbis tank and its twin will accommodate either WR or YZ seats. You will have to buy YZ shrouds to fit the new tank if you have a WR450F. The Acerbis/GYT-R tank is narrower than stock, a little taller, hangs down a little lower (have to get greater volume somewhere) and has two petcocks. You can still access the choke and the carburetor. Right side petcock and fuel line routing are well away from the exhaust pipe. Right side gas line will route around behind the carburetor and be joined under the air intake boot with a "Y" fitting to the line from the left side petcock and the line to the carburetor. I tried to re-engineer the routing but gave up and used the Acerbis routing. I went to the hardware store and bought a 9/16 ID spring and put it over the little piece of hose that goes to the carburetor to ensure that the line wouldn't collapse. The tank comes with 6mm line, ok for their 7mm petcocks but too small (it's going to crack or break someday for sure) for the 8mm spigot on the Yamaha carburetor. Plan to buy 8mm gas line and new scissor clamps. I went to an auto parts store and their gas line is too thick walled to work with the Yamaha scissor clamps, I bought the gas line from Yamaha. I also bought the Acerbis decals for the tank and shrouds. They don't fit all that good. Plan to trim the decals where they won't stay stuck to the plastic (they still look very good and only you know they were trimmed :thumbsup:).

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