Small Jumps in curves?

O.K. i have asked this before but am still having the same problem. If there is a jump of any sort which involves a curve in the track, when I jump, my rear wheel kicks to the inside(not the outside) and it scares the #%$@ out of me. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG??? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Obie #723

first of all are you hitting the jump straight? and if your body is shifted to that side your bike will or your back end will go that way. at least thats what i have found. and also if you take off sketchy then you will land sketchy

IT actually sounds like your rebound is a bit too fast and the wheel is returning to the down position too quickly after leaving the jump face. if this is the case and you are aiming the bike into the curve coming off the face it will kick the bike also in that direction. Your rebound ideally should fall somewhere between 12-14 clicks out, however there are times when I have to go as little as 10 clicks out depending on the track and the hardness of the terrain.

Bonzai :thumbsup:

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