What fuel you guys running?

I am running this jetting because the bike ran like crap after i installed the exhaust. So i took it to the yam dealer and had them put it on the gas tester to see where i was at and that us how I ended up with a 50 pilot and a 185 main. I have a friend that dynoed his bike with u4 mixed and straight and the diference was minimal so i dont see the point in running it straight when you can make 10 gallons out of one can when the bike runs pretty mutch the same.I have alwaise ran race gas in my bikes for consistancy reasons i may not need it but i am going to run it no matter what. I would never run straight pump gas in my bike but if you want to put the garden hose in your $8000.00 bike go right ahead.

Does anyone else understand this rational? You will destroy your motor running 112 octane not to mention the seals in your carb.

Your jetting seems strange to me also - You may want to pm James Dean for some assistance....I do not know what the hell a gas tester even is - so i may be way off - just trying to help.

The gas tester is the exhaust gas analizer wich tells if the bike is lean or rich.It is suppose to be the next best thing to a dyno. I asked for some advise when i was having theese problems and nothing that any one told me was working so I took the bike to the dealer.I was running U4 straight and they advised me to mix it to save money. Also when i did run c12 it was mixed also due to i figured it was too potent for this bike. I use that stuff in my 15:1 nitrous asperated race car. When I took the bile to them the only way it would run was if you cranked on the gas while kicking it wich is totally wrong for these bikes as you know. then when it started it was shooting flames out of the exhaust.I am going to sand mountain tthis weekend and am going to run u4 straight and make a judgement call on it. Also is the power now worth buying?

I wouldn't know where to start on this thread, so maybe I will just leave it alone :thumbsup::devil:

PS...OK just one statement...I have been running 87 octane Nutec without the TPS connected in a 13.5 compression motor for 2 years. I wish someone would have told me sooner it could blow up! lol

I wouldn't know where to start on this thread, so maybe I will just leave it alone :thumbsup::devil:

Tryce - There are so many times that I wish I would have taken that path. :awww:

torco 110 leaded

high compression


Which one of you bastards told me to fill it up with a garden hose? I tried it and it blewed up all over my front yard and poked a hole in my windows. Now what am i gonna do?

{fear and voodoo make me put premium pump gas in every bike i've owned with no failures in 20 + years}

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