421 Electric Start?

I have been reading about a number of 450 owners removing their electric starters. I'm the opposite, I want to add one to my 2001 WR426. I have searched the web and found nothing. Any suggestions on where I might find such a kit?



Possibly you could purchase the electronics and starter that someone removed? Just a thought. I'm not sure it'd work, though. It might take some creative engineering :thumbsup:

I just love the e-start on my new 04 WR450F. It's never coming off!

i don't think there is any way it'll work. even if you could, the time and money it would take, you'd be better off getting a 450. maybe two.

It wouldnt be a financially viable project. Learn how to start the 426! They go 1st kick every time when tuned correctly. Besides the 426 is heavy enough already.

Besides the 426 is heavy enough already.

It may be heavy... but they are slow. :thumbsup:

I cannot wait for a lighter bike... with a light... WR tranny that has the grunt of my 426.

Suzuki, KTM, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki... we'll see next year.


If the reason you feel you need electric start is you are having trouble kick-starting your bike, fit a YZ450 auto de-comp' cam. Besides, where the hell would you put a battery? :thumbsup: It would be cheaper to buy a 450 if you really want the button though. :devil:

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