Rim locks

Do more on-roading than off. But want to be prepared. Are they really needed?

I would not ride without at least one rim lock. That 450 has some torque and you will rip the valve stem off if the tire slips at all. Just my thought on it...

Is there a specific reason you wanted to get rid of them??

I can give you a reason. They are an additional hassle when changing the tires.

I have removed the front one and only use one on the rear. The most likely need for a rim lock is when the rear wheel is hooked up and driving forward. My rear wheel is always spinning……

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if you change the tire properly it doesn't make it any harder with a rim lock on. You never remove the rim lock at all. you only loosen the nut so it can release the bead. with levers you pull of one side of the tire off the rim. Then you flip it over and pull off the other side of the tire so that both beads are outside of the rim and the rim actually falls down inside the tire. Then you just push out the air valve and pull on the rim at an angle with one hand

and push on the tire with the other. Out comes the rim and tube. The bead locks and rubber rim strip all stay on the rim. Easy.

as some say, rimlocks come in use only when tyre is under inflated (below 1 bar), anything above it, you dont need'em, ecpecially not for road use

but still I use them, better feeling I guess and 0.6 rear and 0,9 front :thumbsup:

You may cuss the rimlocks when installing new tire or tube, but I will tell you this. You will be singing their praises when you get a flat rear 40 miles from the truck and they save you from pushing your steed back to town!! Speaking from experience. I ran with out a rim lock and got so tired of pushing that I just ran on the flat with the rim spinning inside it all the way back. New tire and new tube and a few dings in the rim. Since then I have had several flats and with the rimlock in place, I don't even really notice the flat much. Really makes it easier to get back home to do the repairs and saves time in then end. Just my 2c. Hope this helps.


New tires installed by dealer. They called to ask if I want them since I ride on the road so much.I did tell them to keep them on. (just that bad luck kinda guy. Can see my-self out in the middle of know where with a spun off vavle.

You said it right! :thumbsup: Not having the rim locks are a bad thing. :awww: They are a pain when installing a tire, but they keep the tire in place even after a flat. If you go on 30 to 60 miles trips it is a long way back to camp with a flat and it is worst with the tire spinning around the rim! :D:lol: It may cost you a new wheel. :devil:

I did away with one of mine because changing a tire with two of them was a pain in the butt. I kept one, not wanting to risk being stranded. Jeff

I have many many races on just one rim lock, no problems.

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