Compression Release Broke...And I Like It

I was putting in new clutch plates and somehow didn't get the cam follower for the auto compression release on the kick starter lined up when replacing the clutch cover. CRACK! went the piece. I pulled the loose broken piece out and replaced the cover without it. I figured I could just use the lever when needed. Well, my bike starts easier than it did before! I guess I can save the $18 bucks for the new piece. Has anybody else tried disabling this on their bike?

Aftermarket cams don't use the auto de-compress... and I don't really miss it. don't really notice the difference! :thumbsup::devil:

My 400 wouldnt start at all and i had to delete the auto decomp system. And yes mine starts easier than ever before aswell, I suspect it was decompressing a little all the time as was yours and this is why we notice the difference and others dont! :thumbsup:

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