aftermarket headlights


im using original yamaha headlight with regular 35W bulb and it makes night even darker :thumbsup:

would be glad if I had the stock H4 55W headlight, but I dont, so how are you, who use them, pleased with acerbis, polisport,ufo, anyother, HL's, using H4 halogens or smaller twin 35W halogen bulbs


I have the acerbis diamond with 3 20w bulbs ( only 2 at the moment, 3rd is on the blink) and it's fine as long as you arent idleing. Replacement bulbs are expensive

I have one of the UFO twins on my bike. Its only like $45 and works way better than the Acerbis DHH I had on there. I've never had A WR headlight, so I can't speak for those.

Go to this link: 4 Strokes only headlight page

It gives a nice review of a bunch of different headlight options.

nice link, thnx

so it seems to be worth a swap for some other brand

thats the one that impressed me the most, should be acerbis, how much i understand french, but nowhere to find that model



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