Planning for YZF Plastic!!

Alright, from countless minutes spent searching the board, I have come to 2 assumptions, and I hope they are correct. I have a 2002 WR426F and first off, YZF plastic from that same year, excluding the radiator shrouds, should fit perfectly, correct? I realize that the left side cover will take light modification for my coolant reservoir, but that's fine. Also, does anyone have any advice/pictures of what this looks like completed? Do the YZF shrouds look like they do not belong, or is it minute clearances of a couple millimeters on installation? If need be, what should happen to get them to fit up right? The reason I'm doing this is because I'm due for new plastics, but noone sells WRF plastics as a whole kit at a decent price, so I thought I'd give a whack at YZF plastic. Now, if I do convert to a YZF tank and seat, will everything fit perfectly, or is there still a difference in where the shrouds mount?



The difference is where the radiator shroud mounts up to the radiator. It is slightly off. You can make it work with zip-ties. It's not perfect, but it will work and doesn't look too junkyard (if you know what I mean)

I am planning on doing same, I want YZF rear fender and get rid of tail light but keep headlight. I did not know side number plates are different, what kind of mods do I need to do to make YZF side number plates fit?

Hey daytripper.I just junked the wr rear fender off my 450, and went for a UFO YZ style rear WITH rear light and plate hanger. They are real neat, and loads lighter than stock. As the fender is their (UFO) YZ item, I can confirm it will fit with the side panels etc you have. All you need do is trim out some "knock outs" in the plastic to fit the rear resevoir and drill a hole for the wiring if you fit the light.

It looks so much beter than the stock WR item.

Thanks, I ordered a YZF acerbis complete plastic kit yesterday. I am planning on keeping headlight but running everything else YZ plastic

If anyone is interested I have a brand new (never mounted) Clark YZ426 tank for $150 shipped. Bought it a couple months ago and have never used it.


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