87 xr600 piston question

I have been working on my xr600, went to put valve stem seals in it as it smokes like a two stroke when I first start it up, and while I was that far I thought I would take a look see at the piston. The piston looks great and so does the bore. The bike was rebuilt and there is a .50mm larger piston, the ring clearance is more than what is called for so I want to order rings for this, however I dont know what type of piston it is. How can you tell if its a wiseco? The only markings on it say .50 and either a "I" Or a "H". the rod is a bit worn, its at the maximum for specs, so Im going to throw a new wrist pin in it and hope that helps. Any info would be great?


I thought I read somewhere that Wiseco (or some other brand) used a specific ring land width that requred you to use only their brand rings? So the real question is; Is yours a honda .50mm over piston or a Wiseco .50mm over piston? Does anybody know if Honda used a forged piston back then? or were they cast? In your PM you mentioned that it was a forged and eye browed piston (which tells me higher compression). Weren't the stockers dished or slump top pistons? Are there any logos in the back side "as cast" surfaces of the piston that might give you and idea of the manufacturer?

Just a YZer tryin to help out a fellow Thumper. :thumbsup:

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