surprise, surprise, surprise.....Gomer?

So I was sitting around yesterday going over my list of stuff I wanted to get done on my upcoming days off when my wife comes up and asks if I would install some low-voltage landscape lights in the backyard. It's one of those "xmas present from the mother-in-law last year that we better have out before she visits next week" things.

Well, as you can probably imagine that wasn't really on my list of "fun" things to do :), so she tried to bribe me. She said she would give me "a piece of paper" if I would agree to install the lights. After pondering the potential value of the piece of paper vs. the mindless, entire day robbing task of installing the lights, she made me promise to the deal. She then handed me a piece of pink paper. As I started to unfold it I could tell that it was a receipt from the local bike shop. Okay, now you have my attention! Soon some faintly scribbled words started to appear------"GPR Steering Dampener......$350". Holy rectal exams Batman, my wife had bought me the steering dampener that I've been wanting for what seems like forever! :D That's about the best Father's Day gift a guy with no kids could ask for!

Oh, and a special thanks to my wife's "technical advisor" (Mike in WA) who told the bike shop exactly what to order for my '00 WR.

Oh, and the lights?.....Ya, I'll get right on that, right after I get back from the bike shop! :D

Congratulations on your gift you lucky SOB :) Hey Tim does your wife want another husband :D, because my wife would never buy me anything for bike. She keeps telling me I'm to old to ride <IMG SR


Congrats on your new dampner, as some may remember last year for fathersday my wife surpised me with a WR400 (brand spankin new). I Think our wives may have a secret club thing happening. Still trying to find when the meetings are held and how to get a copy of the minutes. Then again maybe were just special :)


She's a keeper!!

Hey Tim If I could pass that for that guy on JAG my wife just might buy me something for the bike:0 As for your buddy going over to the Orange, it's not the dark side just the lazy side :D Just think how sore and tired his thumb will get from pushing that button :D Maybe he isn't lazy, just can't kick start a good bike :)


Yea Rick, I do remember your story from last year about the new bike! It doesn't get any better than that. I think a steering dampener is about as much as I could ever hope for. She'd get a bike for herself before buying another one for me, but that's only fair.

Unkle Moose, I asked about the second husband thing, and she said only if you could pass as a double for the guy on JAG!

And Rock, what's this I hear that you might be going over to the dark (or should I say, Orange) side?????? :)

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