Maxxis Maxcross SI

I been using this tire for some time and really like everything about it. It's is a good sand tire and does not chunk in the rocks. On hard pack it stays put and doesn't wonder around. I never hear anyone talk about this tire just the IT. I had 2 IT tire and I like the SI much better. I started using this tire after reading a comment from Scott Summers who uses this tire.

I guess maxxis tires are the bomb!! I've been using the IT for a while, and I like them better than any tires I've tried before. I'll have to give the SI a try next time! :thumbsup:

The SI will wear faster. The IT's hold up longer. I have use the HT also they are good for trail riding. :thumbsup:

I tried an SI and though it was good, but went away very quickly. Then I got an IT and it kills the SI in the conditions I ride in, and for wear. I've put about 6 hours on my IT and it looks like new! The SI would be toast by now. My front is duee for replacement so I'm going to try an IT there aswell. The tread blocks are worn at 45 degrees .. guess top gear wheelies :thumbsup: on bitumen are the blame for that

I left out the fact I was talking about the Maxcross SI front Tire. I'm still a big fan of the IT rear tire.

I used Maxxis tires on my Electra Glide which eats a rear every 4-5K miles. I got roughly 1000 extra miles once I started using the Maxxis tires. I haven't tried their off-road tires yet, but I will now based on what you guys are saying. :thumbsup:

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