First Ride 05 450

Took the new 450 out for its first ride on Sunday at Piru, Ca. This track is a natural terain track with lots of elevation changes and medium size jumps, mostly tables. I was coming off an 02 WR426 that had been YZ timed, with power now, FMF powerbomb header and pipe, and revalved suspension. First thing I noticed is it felt really light. The 426 was always heavy in turns and in the air. The 450 turns a million times better than the 426. Where the 426 wanted to go straight the 450 was really easy to turn and lean over. I was pretty much just cruising around but the differance in power was very noticeably. The power come on as soon as you touched the throttle. Where the 426 felt a little lazy on the throttle the 450 came on strong. I didn't really push it so I can't say how it felt ontop. I also noticed that coming out of turn into a jump where the 426 I really had to get on the gas the 450 would only need to blip the throttle and I would be over the jump. And it felt really slim and light in the air. The suspension was really stiff and I didn't set the sage because I wanted to break it in abit. But on landings it felt really nce and smooth. Where the 426 would land hard and bounce around the 450 was smooth and soaked it up really nice. I even cased a double pretty hard and it was like I just rolled it. But other than that it seemed to track straight and didn't kick on end or the other and just went straight. Hopefully next week I get on it a little more and break the suspension in more. Over all I really like the bike and feel that it is a big change from the 426 to the 450.

I'm drooling! I've got tell my buddy with the 426....Of course, he's waiting for the aluminum frame; hopefull for 2006.

I forgot to add that there is way less engine braking on the 450 and I was a bit confused when I kickstarting, I have the procedure stuck in my brain like a bad song.

Great report. I pick up mine on Thursday, and while I was racing at I5 yesterday on my current 02 426, I was thinking about the ride NEXT sunday on the 05 450. I am so tired of the pogo-stick affect and weight issue. One ride then straight to Enzo for new suspenders.

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