Lighting Help please?

I am getting ready to put a stator in my YZ450 and was wandering what the best is for the money. I only use it for dune riding a few times a year so i dont want a 500.00 unit.I have heard the eletux unit does not put out mutch power but is it enough for desert riding. Also what head light to run. I have a head light that came off a 03 TTR 250 that a friend gave me whold this unit put out enough light also can you replace the bulb with a higher output one. Also do the stators come with wiring like an on/off switch. I want to set this up so I can take it off easily scince it is mainly an mx bike and dont want a head light on it full time. If any ony has anything for sale message me also.

If you are doing this for off road/desert riding, then why go that route?

Check into battery pack powered helmet light setups. No mods to the bike, no changing back and forth, light shines where YOU WANT IT! Fot the same money you can come off with a better lighting solution, in my opinion anyway... :thumbsup:

Where do I find more info on them? and how long do the batt last?

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