** Utah riders, cherry creek Saturday, 9:00am **

** Utah riders, cherry creek Saturday, 9:00am **

Summer heat seems to be over! Saturday's high temp at Little Sahara is forcast at 79 degrees. Let's meet 9:00am at the usual spot.

For those who are new... here are the directions:

1. Drive right past the road leading to the official little sahara entrance. Follow the signs pointing towards cherry creek.

2. Follow the road...

3. Keep following the road... it will turn into a dirt road...

4. Keep going...

5. Over the cattle guard... keep going...

6. You'll hit a fork in the road... take the left fork.

7. Keep going about another 1/2 mile...

8. On the left side is a staging area. We'll start from here.

We'll ride until we're out of gas or daylight, whichever comes first. Chris, Danny, Steve, Dan, Doug, David, everybody and anybody is invited!

If you're coming, chime in...

Have fun in that whooped out crap! :thumbsup:

:thumbsup::devil: (Double for you Chris!) :awww::lol:

:thumbsup: I like woops, so you can kiss it Dave!!! :devil:

hahaha.... j/k!! I'd enjoy both places, but cherry creek sounds more fun.


I grew up racing in Jericho/Cherry Creek area and I could ride that place with my eyes closed. Now AF, on the other hand, I just rode for the first time last year. I figured, since it's re-opened and I haven't ridden it that much I'd go do that. Besides, I thought Eric couldn't ride until the afternoon? Something about his kids soccer game? :thumbsup:

Well, I haven't been to cherry creek since last year. I really like it out there in the fall. I'd love to go out there a few more times before the snow falls. :thumbsup:

is cherry creek as bad as the ten mile wash trail miles of huge sand whoops ?

is cherry creek as bad as the ten mile wash trail miles of huge sand whoops ?

HAHA! Cherry Creek has it's fair share of whooped out trails, for sure. However, if you ride far enough north there are many fun trails through the Cedars that are free from whoops. :thumbsup:

I'd love to go, but AF is a lot closer and I can't ride the

entire day...

Enjoy your ride. I know we will! :thumbsup:


Let's do the AF ride on Saturday.

Everybody get that???


- Eric

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