Piston rind land widths

Piston ring land question:

Trying to help a friend out over on the XR600 forum (OK so I was slumin!!!)

Do all stock pistons accept the same rings as aftermarket pistons?

Put a little differently, What if you tear into a bike, see that it's got a .5mm over piston forged, domed & browed, obviously it's not stock(there were slump top low comp), can you just buy stock .50mm over rings or are you at the mercy of finding out who made the piston?

I thought I recall some makers using specific oil rings that required different/larger ring land widths.

Any advice is appreciated in advance



You should figure out who made the piston. It shouldn't be too difficult to figure out, if it is a cast piston, it is most likely OEM. If it is forged, changes are it is either JE or Wiseco. If you are tearing it down that far and you aren't sure on the history of the bike, I would just replace the piston. At least at that point, you know it will work.

Good Luck!


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