97 dB with HRC tip @ idle

Hey All,

I rode the Gnarley Dude this weekend, at least until I smashed my rightside radiator and shroud on a rock, and at the start the dude with the sound check equipment said "Do you have the insert?" I just looked at him funny and he went on to explain that I was at 97 dB @ idle= too loud! They let me ride, but said to get it taken care of before next ride. What do I need to do?


PS where are we all getting replacement shrouds? Maybe in Black???

Buy a "Vortip"-type downspout or at least go to your local car muffler shop and have 'em bend you a piece to bolt into your outlet.

I tested 102db (1/2 throttle) before the downspout and 90db after with only maybe 1/4" less outlet diameter. Got it free from the muffler shop's scrap bin.

Less sound=more ground. :thumbsup:

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