xr 650l purchase


I'm going to be purchasing a new bike soon,I'm looking at an 05 xr650l, what does it top out at? will it cruise at 65mph for long periods?I hade a 94 xr 250 loved the bike but it wasn't fast enough for hi-way speeds.

I was also thinking of going used but they seem to hold their value pretty good so i'm leaning toward new.

any advise on my purchase would be kool


mine with the stock baffle tip and smog crap was good for about 95 ish, 75 was pushing it, felt a bit revved out to cruise that fast.

I have a '03 XRL for sale if your interested.1907 miles never droppped.$800 worth of mods.Oil changed every 250 miles-perfect condtion.$4500 Chris

Stock gearing, the L will do 65 all day long. If you buy new, plan on rejetting and the "standard" mods- simple and cheap, but very effective.

A well-cared for used bike will last quite well.


Do like MotoChris, check out the 05' DRZ400S ( #1 rated dualsport :thumbsup:) Lighter, reliable as hell, more modern design, HUGE aftermarket :devil:

Save your bucks,get a used one,if you can find clean/low abuse one,they are all the same except for color of plastic.

I have a 1997 w/13,000 mi. on it now, my weight is 155#,changed front counter to 14 tooth and kept stock 45 rear,removed smog equip.(junk),put on a yoshimura slip on exhaust,wrapped the stock header and mid pipe with 2" wide heat wrap/tape(cloth/fiber/asbestos??comes in 50 ft roll for $50)and soaked/spray painted 2 cans of w/VHT white header paint(get at automotive/speed shop) for hard/long lasting protection from sticks/debris and mud packing/washing,after safety wiring seams of wrap(spiraled the length of pipe)w/long piece of stainless steel piano wire.

Use a white bros foam filter,main to 165 (from stock 152), pilot to 55(from stock 50).

She pulls good w/my light carcass on her even in tight woods trail,occasional valve clatter if I lug/punch 2nd gear in the slow and tight stuff.Have a couple of riding partners/bud's with different years of the same scoot, they use/say I need to go 48 on rear sprocket, but they are heavier and ride double up at times with the gals on back.

I can leave them when their single up on highway w/ease. This set-up cruises easy at about 65 mph(don't know how many R's it's turning) but from exhaust note it's not really howling/screaming/taching till I hit about 90-95 mph on Trail tech(endurance) digital speedo/odo I have installed which matches/is confirmed by a Garmin e-trex GPS I have mounted on bar also. Stock speedo seems to always read 4 mph faster than these two instuments so it is probably innaccurate.

Oh and by the way,and for what it's worth,I have seen too many brand new DRZ400S(street)models for sale,don't know about the reasons these guys have for shedding these puppies.I also have a 2003 DRZ400EK3(offroad version/e-button model)that I've titled and tagged for Dual sport action,light and great in the woods/trails but it is screaming at 65-70 mph even w/taller 15 counter sprkt.and stock 47 on rear! Big drawback is radiators for me,I like to be able to let go of it/throw it down if I have to and those radiator halfs are expensive! XR's dont need/use radiators!! Would consider selling you eighther of these scoots if your within driving/pick-up range or sshhmaybe I could ship it?? I have just purchased an 2002 XR400(cost me an arm and part of a leg) that's converted/made street legal, too many scoots and I'm in the dog house for it.

Happy Trails,




Hey guys Im new here , Im going to be getting a 1997 xr 650L this weekend , it has 33,600 miles on it all of which are freeway miles . He said 20 miles where offroad . The bike starts up and runs great , the motor is dry very dry except for oil leak that appears to be coming from somewhere near the rear area almost like the breather hoses ... without seeing it can anyone give me any ideas if any on where it could be coming from ? Im gonna be picking it up for 1300 bucks the bike otherwise is very clean and he is the orig owner . I did notice while I was riding it that when I closed the throttle it pops out the muffler .. ? I haven't got it yet but I think its a good deal .

I did notice while I was riding it that when I closed the throttle it pops out the muffler .. ?
Mine does that if I close the throttle at higher engine speeds.

I think mine has stock gearing, and it has no problem cruising at 80 mph. It will hit 90 if I need to and I've never bothered to find out the absolute top speed.

With stock gearing and smog removed and re-jetted, cruising at 65 -70 is no problem. I did a 400 mile roundtrip in one day with speeds between 70 - 90 mph. Other than a sore a$$, and an encounter with a HUGE bug to the face, it was a good ride.

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