How to eliminate or handle WR ignition switch to fit number plate?

Has anyone eliminated the ignition switch on the WR? Why does Yamaha set theirs up with one and Honda not (example; CRF250X)? If I can't eliminate the switch, I will have to fabricate a bracket so that the ignition switch fits behind the YZ front number plate. Surely, many of you will have made this mod for competing in harescrambles.

I fab'd up a mounting plate that is held on by the left handlebar clamp bolts. Works great. I don't think you can eliminate the switch as then the CDI will be on all the time and the battery will go dead. For some reason on the WR Yamaha decided to power the CDI off of the battery rather than the AC side of the magneto (like a YZ or the older WR's) hence the need for the switch. I haven't seen how Honda set it up but assume they powered it directly from the mag.

I did the same as PBDBLUE and it works great. :thumbsup:

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