FINALLY! FMF PowerCore IV Q-Series!

After seeing ads and hearing false promises from FMF for over 4 months-just got the FMF PowerCore IV Q-Series two days ago!~


Makes way better power than the stock with PU baffle in the low and mid and is the same on top.


Didn't have someone to rev it up to get sound but here's what I did get; 80 db's at idle with db meter 36 inches perpendicular from end of pipe. I cranked up the idle as much as I could and it only hit 90 db's. I'm guessing cranked up it's only about 93 or 94 at the MOST. I'll post on thumpertalk when I get back from this weekend. I'm not posting to this site anymore as thumpertalk is a hundred times better (email notifications/searches)

NOTE: I bought a db meter and have tested all sorts of exhaust at the above guidelines and either I'm revving the bike to redline (which I'm not) or a lot of people (pipe companies) are full of S&*$!

36 inches perpendicular off the end of the pipe with the motor moderately revved (less than half redline I would say) I got the following results:

STOCK 650 tip drilled out: 95 to 96 db's

PU TIP with P-Trap MODE: 97 to 98 db's

(believe me, it's definitely louder than the stocker drilled out. Although the power is way, way better. Virtually no loss over the unmodified PU tip!)

BAJA DESIGNS XR 400 BAFFLE: This was claimed to be 92 db's. It tested out at 95 to 96 db's! (maybe it was the 430 kit? Carb? Porting? Or K & N air filter that threw it off? -joking!-)

NOTE: The "WEIGHTING" on the db meter is set on low NOT high and it is the same type of meter building inspectors use. These pipe company are measuring at 2 blocks away I think!


I love the pipe and it's approximately 1 lb lighter than the stocker (used a postal scale).

Other than the fact that FMF advertised this many, many months before it was ever available and repeatedly gave me false dates of shipment 3 -times!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do recommend the pipe highly*

(* see details below)

However, I am going to un-rivet the FMF logo OFF THE PIPE and throw the truck load of stickers they sent me in the trash>

OHhh! I almost forgot!

THere's just one little catch with the NEW Q-Series

Of course I didn't find this out till 5 months later when I actually received the pipe!

"there's a special material INSIDE the Q-Series that helps it work. It's made by "QUITE SPORTS" and if you don't replace when schedule it will make the muffler LOUDER and DAMAGE THE ALUMINUM SILENCER as well as COMPLETELY VOID AND NULL YOUR "FMF WARRANTY".

By the way, they say "to avoid damage and voiding of warranty" this packing needs to be replaced every 20 to 30 hours of operation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


With my riding schedule this would equate to about every third trip.

* I highly recommend this pipe if the cost of rear tires and fuel for your BRP isn;t enough and you're looking for that little "EXTRA EXPENSE" so you enjoy riding that much more. Hey, after all, you'll be quiet!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sorry to swear but, **** FMF and (I will) never buy another product from them again. They advertised and promoted this exhaust for months on end and repeatedly gave out false dates of shipment to me on numerous occasions (I called them directly since they kept jiving my dealer on multiple delivery dates!) and now I have to buy some "MAGIC PACKING" from "Quiet Sports" every 20 to 30 hours- not so the pipe doesn't get loud, but also so I don't damage it and void my warranty!

My advice, save your 330 bucks and keep it simple with the stocker that requires NO PACKING!

IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: It has just come to my attention minutes ago that there is a competing pipe with the Q-Series. I hear a test was done in one of the magazines. As soon as I get the info I'll post.

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Hey BRP owners whats the best/reliable/quiet/muffler for my dual sported 650r? THANK YOU

Hey BRP owners whats the best/reliable/quiet/muffler for my dual sported 650r? THANK YOU

Stock with the Honda "power-up" baffle.

This is an oooold post.

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