Does anyone know of a good kit/method to remove scratches from the plastics? I have some ~1mm deep scratches in my front fender, radiator shroud, and side cover from my fall on rocks. I usually don't mind scratches, but these are so offensive, they're ugly. :thumbsup: If only my digital camera didn't go missing, I'd show you what I mean :devil:



If you have a couple hours to burn, you can use Plastic Renew. Lot of work, but looks good when done. 1 mm is pretty deep to wet-sand out.. Plastic Renew is $20, just like a new front fender. I use it for small spots on the tips of the leg guards, etc. I did the whole front fender once (it was trashed) and it took over 2 hours. And you can't use it where your leg rubs it because your leg will rub off the chemical and the shine. I would probably use it for 0.5mm scratches or less. Any more than that, I'd buy new plastic!

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