Is there any major problems on XR600R 96??

I'm looking to buy a XR600R 96 for street/off-road riding.

Is there any major problems on 96 XR600? I live in Canada, so the bike should be like the US version.

How do you like the handling of the bike on the steet?

Any info will be appreciated.


XR400 00

I have a 96 xr600 that has the baja designs dual sport kit.

With the stock 14 front tooth it is a good town and highway bike. You will get very good mileage. I keep a 13 tooth front to swap for tight trails. you can still get about 85mph top speed with the shorter gearing, but your mileage suffers a bit.

Also there is no windshield, so that can suck at times. Handling is good. You will most likely need stiff front fork springs to keep the front end from brake diving so bad.

Along with the above, I would go for bigger brakes.

Good choice for what you plan on doing with the bike. The rear fender gets a lot of vibes and burns out the tailight bulbs easly at high revs. Then the front bulb goes away and they are expensive from Honda.

The 55 watt Halogen bulbs with the little pigtale fits into the stock housing with some modification. It works better than stock and is not expensive in the auto stores. Think it is called a H3. Even cheaper in J C Whitney catalog.

A voltage regulator $15 from Chaparral will heep the bulbs living longer. Sucks up the maximum voltage spikes that a battery would normally handle. M S R sells the same unit. One wire hookup right into the lighting circuit. Fits under the seat. Radia Shack catalogs similar stuff for around $5 but you have to know which one to buy. Most of our R S sales people around here just know about selling cell phones and satellite setups.

Baja designd sells a switch that replaces the rear Banjo bolt on the master Cylinder. $20. wire the new brake bulb hot and use a single wire down to the switch to complete the ground.

Lots of tailight combos out there to set up a brake light. Most have a hard time with the rear fender vibrations on the Xr600. The regular 1157 bulbs just cannot take it and most tailight setups have crummy sockets that fall apart on the xr600. The bulbs do not even stay in the sockets.

Good luck finding one that works.

On my Suzuki DRZ400E I used a LED tailight from JC Whitney catalog. Attached it to my Moose fender bag as a tailight then rewired the tailight as a brakelight. That worked well but is not D O T approved. The LED is under $10 and not sensitive to vibrations but it does need to be positioned to face to the rear not up to the sky or you cannot see as well from the back.

The xr600 is not only bullet proof but easily rebiult for under $200 as the plated cylinders rarely fail. Just pop in a new piston and rings and be good for a few more years.

the Baja design brake light, I moved that to the front brake! Same thread. Since I use the front brake more, it is a better location.

Ive had some frame cracking under the seat simple weld fix go with 14\48 or 49 gearing, and suspension valving.

I had a 94 with a baja designs kit. It was a blast on the street, and in the dirt. My only complaints are that it is a bit heavy for serious dirt riding and the front brake is a bit weak on the street. The only problem I ever had was with the automatic decompressor. After I took it out and used the manual compression release, no more problems and it actually started better. I plan on purchasing a 650L this year because I miss having something to ride on the street.

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