My first motocross bike was a KX60. I eventually moved to a KX100 than a 125. After realizing I liked the woods better than the track I got a KDX220. Stock, these bikes are pretty timid. After a Pro Circuit pipe, slightly smaller front sprocket, and carb mods, the KDX was strong. It felt like it had a lot more power than my 125 (of course it had more power lower in the rpms) and the KDX was considerably faster in a straight line than my buddies on their 125's. A few months ago I sold the KDX and am really interested in Yamaha's WRFs. I'm stuck between the 250 and 450. I'm wondering if the WR250F is going to feel weak compared to the KDX and on the same note, is the 450 going to be too much. Also, being 5'8 160 lbs, I'm wondering the the WRFs are going to be too tall? Any opinions appreciated.

I'd go with the 250F. It will kill the KDX in every department.

make sure you go blue cuz all the others are lemons. (this should draw a good respose...)

I rode a YZ250F for the 1st time the other day, expecting it to be underpowered. Wrong! If I didnt have my 426 I'd probably get one. Great bikes. In slow (3rd gear or less) trails you'll be way quicker on a 250F than on a 426.

Although I havent ridden a 450 yet, I cant see it being that much different from the 426.

Welcome motoracerkdx. YMMV, but after 20 years of racing MX, HS, and enduros, my experience has been that the blue bike will be a bit more reliable than green. The 250 will be better in tight woods, and you will probably like the 450 if things open up say out west or in FL sand. It's very dependant on what type of riding you are doing. You didn't mention where you live or what type of terrain you ride.

I have a WR450 and like the bike but it is to heavy and tall for the woods around here. I was looking at a KDX220 but couldn't get anyone at 2 dealers to pay attention. I ended up getting a 2003 WR250 leftover. With the free mods on the WR250 board it really is a fun bike in the tight woods. Very light and nimble. The 450 is a better bike when the terrain opens up. The 2005 WR450 is supposed to be an inch lower. It all depends where you ride.

My buddies swapped one day a kdx 200 for a wr 250. There feeling was the 200 had a bit more power, but they were very close. I rode the 200 after riding my 400 and the 400 walked all over it. Like the others say it depends on your situation and riding style. I am also 5'8", you should have no problem on either bike, once you get the sag set for your height.

Thanks for the replies. I live in NJ. I mostly ride woods but frequently ride on the track. Im up for anything on any given day. That's what I liked about the KDX...it was nimble and powerful enough to rip around tight trails, opened up well when the trail cleared, and performed decently on some local tracks. All around great bike. I just can't see how a 250 four stroke is going to run like that 220 two stroke. Then again, the only 4 strokes I'm used to riding are old XR's. I know the KDX had more power than 125 MXers but I still know it was far from a 250 MXer. I'm afraid the 450 is going to be too much. My buddy just purchased a RMZ250 and a friend of my dad's recently bought a CRF450. If I could take them for a ride, I'd think I would have a better understanding on which bike is better for me. How do these bikes compare with the WR250 and WR450 respectively? Do the WRFs power come on lower than the four stroke MXers?

WR power (450, 400, 426) comes from idle, and rises controllably yet fast through rpm range)

story changes, when you shift to YZ exhaust...hit comes a bit higher in rpm, but bike still isnt underpowered in lows for the woods (unlike the sensation i got on the ktm 525, wich is otherwise quite stronger than WR)

I drove a KX 250 not long ago (while having 400 F with YZ shifted cam), and there was no way to engage the KX into starting in not so steep but quite slow forest climb, but the WR ate it in 2 nd gear barelly feeling the terrain

when the KX got the power surge, it tended to wheelie, but WR just made softer ground behind

when I cracked throttle on the straight, the KX went fine, but when I did the same on my WR, I felt stronger pulling power

still kind of believe, the KX was somehow mistuned :thumbsup:

man, WR is the answer...250 wil suit you if you like more control, less weight and 450 if you like to power the throttle in longer straights for greater speed&wind&flyby trees sensation

never rode the CRF, but i kind of believe its less user friendly and not much more powerfull (it should be compared to YZ though)

well, you asked in wrong forum for green blue decision, since only the blue is, what exists here :devil::awww:

i love the bike, try to get a free ride of one, your feelings will tell you the most

Although I havent ridden a 450 yet, I cant see it being that much different from the 426.

You should go ride one then. It is a lot differet IMO. It feels a lot better than the 426. Espescially if you lighten it up. For some people the 250 is great. It would never have enought power for me ,( I'm 6'4 200 lbs). I think the 250 is great for smaller riders that have a harder time throwing the bike around.

Also, beacuase you are 5'8" i would get the 250. It is lighter and will probably be more fun. Now.... the 450 won't be too much power for you. It is easily controled power and Very predictable. You can lighten it up by around 30 lbs if you convert it to yz 450 specs. (yz plastic ,etc)I have heard a lot of good things about the ktm exc 300 ( 2 stroke). You might want to look into that as well. There are soo many options so take your time to test out bikes and do research.

IS the 250 the same height as a 450? I moved accross from CR250 corssers to the WR450 04 model. When I picked it up form the dealer, it was enormous to look at, but rides fine cos the suspension is very plush. I'm well over 6ft, but still have to "throw" my leg at it to climb aboard! I think the 250 is the same, certainly get to ride one before you buy if you are a bit shorter. (PS 05 models are about an inch shorter).

PS I rode a WR250 before I got the 450, ..it was surprisingly quick, and soooo smoothe. It did not feel like a 250 at all. Ionly went for the 450 cos I am a big guy and do a fai bit of road riding on it too, (transitting between trails). The 450 seems to be less stressed on asphalt.

I would rather watch paint dry than ride a KDX or a WR250 on an MX track.

I know quite a few guys who ride the woods with YZF250's and 250 2 strokes. They put on heavier flywheels, skid plates and narrow handlebars.

I would rather watch paint dry than ride a KDX or a WR250 on an MX track.


my old kdx may have had more power in the lower rpms than a 125 mx bike... but as far as gearing, wieght and peak HP is concerned, a 125 mxer will blow a kdx away.

i rode a crf250 and it was light, but a slug (im 170lbs).

As soon as I have the money, I'm selling the 426 and buy a street bike + one of those WR250f

I think the comparison with a KDX does not hold, WR250fs have much better suspensions, better ergos, more power... etc etc.

I think you can't go wrong buying a WR250f.

Beezer says a WR250 cannot make it on the track...I would like to know why...The WR is not so far from the YZ. In fact the WRs are probably as close you can buy to a mx bike staying with a wood bike. Plus, if you ride the track, you can YZ time it, add a YZ pipe... It may be an alternative to having a YZ with an heavier flywheel...

Just my opinion... what do you say Beezer?

Wish you lots of fun with whatever new bike you buy :thumbsup:

I can't believe anyone here honestly believes that a WR250F has the power that the KDX220 has. I've ridden both side by side and I honestly can't see how anyone can say that, the KDX will smoke any 250 4stroke period. I personally went through this decision not to long ago and found the 250's to be way to weak for me (5'11"/205lbs) and at first I was kinda intimidated by the 400+cc 4strokes, so I came dang close to getting the KDX. I opted for a 2000 WR400F b/c I decided I would grow into the power and I liked the suspension better and there were a couple other little things. However if we are talking power, comparing a 2504stroke to a KDX 200/220 that is just plain rediculous. This is however just my opinion, again I have ridden them side by side and that was the impression I got. I also know a guy here in town, a very experienced rider that went from a KDX 220 to the WR b/c he felt like the KDX was too much (too much power) and wanted something more timid.

I'm spoiled thats why.

The WR250 is a great woods bike, but I would never call it fast. The suspension is soft and the power is very boring. Thats exactly what I want in the woods. I would not want to land that thing off a big jump.

I have a YZ450 for track riding.

I had a KDX220, XR 250, XR400, KTM MXC 450 and now ride a WR450. Get the gig bike. nice to have the extra power when needed. Granted i live in Jackson Hole,WY and ride at elevation so the big bike is always the ticket.

Get the big one and learn how to ride it.

my buddy has a 03 wr250 and his kid has a 04 kdx220. as the mechanical one of the group i do the work on them for him,they both have new exhaust ,rejetted, susp. done,both running 13-52 gearing. i hate to tell you but the more powerful of the two is the kdx,now in the suspension dept. the wr shines but is much heavier than the kdx so its kind of a wash. the wr is a better built machine i beleive, but is 2 grand more. for your size i wouldn't go 450,my buddy that has the 250 is 5'10" and 180 and has a hard time with mine.i'm 6'4' @ 290 it doesn't bother me at all! the power delivery of the wr 250 is very 2 strokish(except more torque) and would probly match your riding style. i don't know if that helped any? :thumbsup:

Well, thanks for the replies. Like I said in my original post, I'm used to a KDX with some mods. A stock KDX is all choked up. I had a pro circuit pipe, one-tooth smaller front sprocket, and larger carb (actually off of KDX200). The stock 220 had a smaller carb supposedly for more torque (not sure). I've had a 125 and like I said, this KDX was surely faster than any stock 125. And after reading your replies and doing some research on my own, for sure the KDX wouldnt compare with the 450 but I tend to think a stock WR250 is no where near as powerful as my KDX. I'm also hearing that these new four strokes require more maintanence than two strokes. That kinda scares me!! Any opinions?

If I still have any credibility, the WRf are really easy to take care of. The kdx are bullet proof. To my opinion, you won't have any major maintenance problem with either of these bikes.

I'm also hearing that these new four strokes require more maintenance than two strokes. That kinda scares me!! Any opinions?

I too was nervous about going to a high performance four stroke, but Gary and Russell down at Thumper Racing (a couple of miles from my house) gave me the low down, Gary told me that if I wanted a dependable, low maintenance bike, keep the KDX, or get a XR400, but if I wanted a high performance four stroke then I was going to have to be willing to do more maintenance, which basically amounted to changing the oil and oil filter at frequent intervals, cleaning and oiling the air filter after each ride, and checking valve clearance. Not really too hard, just getting the mindset to do it. I really loved my KDX, but it can't touch my WR450, better suspension, fast, more torque, can go from lugging around to "I'm going way to dang fast!" with a twist of the wrist. I feel I made a definite step up!

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