Bends for Different Bikes

Will bends for different bikes fit the '02 WR? Like Kawasaki, Honda, etc. Are the bars the same size, just that the styling is different? (height, length, & sweep) I see some new sets in a store on closeout for a good price, but no Yamahas :thumbsup: They are all pro taper AC3, one for CRs, one for KXs, and one for RMs, I believe it was. Will any of these fit? IS the AC3 7/8, or 1 1/8?



Any bend of bar will fit, provided you have the right mounting points... if you go oversize, then you will need an adaptor...

The bars you mention by name like Yamaha, CR hi etc, are just basic replicas of the standard bars... so a YZ bend will be the same width, height and sweep as the standard factory YZ bars...

What sort of bars are you looking for? taller, flatter, stronger, narrower...? Let me know and I can guide you with some bar measurements... or give Brian at the TT store a call and he can set you up with the right ones...

Good luck,


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