Before I start posting I want to say hi.

As they say on the radio talk shows, " I'm a long time listener and a first time caller." I have read a lot posts on this site and have learned a lot! I thank you all for the great info and some good entertainment.

I am well past my mid-30's and have ridden/commuted on road bikes all of my life. First road bike at 15-1/2yrs, first car at 21yrs. When I was a kid I could hold my own in a half pipe on a BMX bike (big deal in thoes days).

As an adult with countless hours in the saddle of a street bike and with a BMX back ground I figured that I would be a natural on a dirt bike. HOW WRONG I WAS!!!!! I had my first broken bone (arm) several months ago, thanks to my BRP. A 112mi comute on a ZX11 with one hand is hard on a body, hahaha.

I have been riding my BRP a lot the last couple of years and I have done a lot of research right here. My dirt skill have vastly improved.

Semper Fi, ST.

Welcome to the site. I ride street bike too. Where are you from?

Hello and welcome aboard TT Snaggletooth :thumbsup::devil:

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