XR's Only put to the test

My BRP is away from home for the first time having some tuning and a few mod's done at XR's Only. As a kid living in the SF bay area, every one I knew who had an XR dream about sending their bike to the motherland of Xr's and having them work their bikes. if you had an XR's Only seat cover on your XR, your bike was assumed to be bad a@@.

Well, now that I have a BRP and live in SO CA. Where else was I to Go? If I were to have read more about them on this site, the answer would have been many other places.

I have read a lot about their terrible mail-order customer service, but what about sevice at their shop? I must say that I was very dissapointed to see that the shop looked beat up and only semi-professional at best.

The guy that check my bike in did not rain down on me with a bizzilion things that should/could be done to the XR as I expected. A mechanic called me a couple of days latter to ensure what I wanted done. Now, he seemed to know what he was talking about and what needed to be done to get my bike right with the world. Great salesman too, hahaha. I went from just over a four hundred dollor order to a little over thousand dollors.

It is not all performance up grades, I was a little accesory happy, skidd plate, tool bag, temp dip stick etc.

However he did sell me on their exaughst system (pricy), cluch bushing upgrade, choke plate mod, air filter/screen upgrade, tapperd carb needle.

I all ready had the standard power up kit on when I purchased my all most new, used bike (still had the nipples on the tires). The guy must have done it wrong because it has been running hot with a larg flat spot on the mid-top end. What the heck, I didn't know how it was suposed to run, even out of tune it is fast.

I didn't know how out of tune my BRP was until it was recently put to shame by a little Yz250f. Please don't tell me that this is a fact of life!

Hopefully I will soon see how a BRP is suposed to run and be honored to claim that my XR was worked on by the famed AL Baker shop.

BTW, was told at least two weeks, then called and asked if I would pick it up in less than a week if it were ready. Mechanic got sick so it will be out an extra day. Yea, still don't count on them to return any calls in a timeley maner.

I will post an up date, ST.

Good luck.

I sent them my motor back in 2000 (crated it in a cheap cooler & shipped by UPS) and got it back about 3 weeks later. This was before I saw all the stuff floating around the internet about their "crappy" service. Speaking for myself, I've had good luck with them. My motor was chowwing pretty bad, so I had the whole thing rebuilt (piston, cam - HRC copy grind, hardened followers plus all of the normal stuff like the cam chain), a local shop gave me an estimate of around $1500, I got it back from XR's for a grand and have been happy with it ever since. Most of the guys I ride with are on quads (sand dunes) or DRZ's (trails), so the power comparison isn't fair, but it would hang with my buddies KX 500. Good luck with yours.

Also what XR650 are you working on? If you have a "L" don't expect it to be a torque monster like the "R". FYI

Where would you recommend for a head port/polish job? I'd got the head off, ready to go.

Another kink in the works.

They told me that I waited a little too long to do the clutch bushing up-grade. It seems that due to a lack of proper oil/lubercation from the older style bushing, my clutch basket was a little dammaged. It would cost me a round $250 to make it new again including the 2003 bushing up grade! I can't afford that right now so they are going to have to do the best with what I have.

BTW, I have a 2001 XR650R and it was put to shame by the YZ250F. I used the "my bike is way out of tune" excuse for the BRP. If his bike is still a lot quicker when I get mine back I'll just have to use the, "where is your license plate?" or "you have no top end speed" To shut him up,hahaha. If that does not work, I'll just ride him to the ground, I could do that on my son's XR50R, hahaha.

BTW, I have a 2001 XR650R and it was put to shame by the YZ250F

On a MX track or super tight single track I could see that happening, butI hope this wasn't in hill climbing or fire roading or drag racing, or in sand dunes, desert, etc. Was it a YZ250 or a YZ250F (there's a big difference). The YZ250 is a very fast bike where as the YZ250F...well...it's good for its intended use, but it should not be spanking your XR650R in a drag race where as a perfectly tuned YZ250 will likely give you a run for the money up to 50 or 60 MPH. I hope your bike comes home running a whole lot better :thumbsup:

I didn't know how out of tune my BRP was until it was recently put to shame by a little Yz250f. Please don't tell me that this is a fact of life!

No, don't worry, it's not a fact of life, if your 650R was running correctly, you would have easily smoked that little 250F with NO PROBLEM! (in a drag race or long straight)

Tuned correctly, and uncorked and jetted of course, the bike should try to pull out from under you when you get into the throttle, and then KEEP pulling and pulling and pulling!

I sure hope that place doesn't screw anything up and your bike runs great when you get it back!




Thanks to all for the suport. My BRP finally kicks but!! WOW, what a difference! Come to find out my bike had a major vacume leak. Seems as if the guy who uncorked it (original owner) did not seal off an open vacume line correctly. That would have been discovered during a standard tune up. What the heck, it was a good excuse to give the wife for some long awaited BRP goodies.

The only performance up grades that I had done was the new filter system and pipe/header with "proper" jetting to match. All of the other stuff was mostly up grades and accessories. I can't complain about XR'S Only, they have done me well.

I think that I will leave well enough alone and keep the motor as is for a long time. I'll be putting the Evens coolant in soon, even though it is not needed as much since the bike is no longer running lean. I am looking forward to boil-less single track riding on very hot days. I also installed the Kouba link. It helped some, at least I can get both toes on the groung now, hahaha.

PS, any body got an extra knife and fork? I'm really hungry for a YZ250F right now!

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