Todd--Stroker Header

How does the Stroker header route compared to the stocker? is it any lighter? How does it work. I'v been told by several sources that unless you do motor work a after market header will not give any advantage over stock and my hurt bottom end. If its lighter I'm interested. Anyway how about a short report on the Stroker struff.



I live about 1/2 a mile from Stroker and just stoped in one day. Just by luck they had a 2nd prototype header sitting there (one of two) they offered to sell it to me so I jumped on it. I didn't weigh it first but, my guess would be 1/2 a pound lighter (no heat shield so baggy pants are out)and it is all T.I.G. welded stainless. It is made by the same guy who builds them for XR's only. It looks identical to XR's Only header and routes the same as stock. I did the header and Hi-rev kit at the same time and did notice a gain in top end power. As far as hurting the bottom end who cares when you have tire shreading torque already. In other words if it hurt the bottom end i didn't notice it. As far as the Stroker pipe, again I would say it's a mid-range and up pipe. I'm not one who lugs around much so the mid and up power suits me. It still has big ones down low for picking your way through the rocks or tring to keep the tire hooked-up on loose up-hills.

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I was told the same crap about larger head pipes killing your low end power unless you did additional motor work. I had an XR650L and found a used Big Gun system online cheap. I believed what I had heard about losing low end but decided to try the pipe anyway. Well I was running the stock headpipe with a barnum (Supertrapp) rear section. Adding the Big Gun made the bike absolutely rip, I could pull wheelies a gear higher than before, power was greatly increased across the rpm range and believe it or not the Big Gun system (with the sparky baffle) was quieter than the barnum pipe.

I've also put a Big Gun system on my son's otherwise stock XR250R and it made big power gains across the rpm range.

The theory that larger haed pipes kill low end is BS, at least on the 650L and 250R.

Good Luck ...


Jim Nelson -

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i am interested


Bg tubes will take off a very slight amount down low but more than make up for it at mid to high end. They definitely will not "kill" bottom end. 4 strokes are't nearly as sensitive to exhaust as 2s. Tuned length is more important than diameter.


I think this is a record! :ride:

Its hideous, yet i cant look away......:ride:

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