Quiet Products insert feedback?

Hello all! Long time...

I've been doing some searching on the forum for inexpensive ways for quieting the '01 down a bit and have seen several posts for an insert from Quiet Products (www.quietiscool.com). Does anyone out there in TV land have one of these...and if so, approximately what db level would you expect my bike to achieve when using one ('01 with the stock exhaust)?

Also, about how much more restrictive would you guess it would be than use of the EXTREMELY LOUD stock uncorked exhaust? I'm trying to understand if their design is simply to redirect the sound in a more "friendly" direction...or whether it's restricting the pipe significantly...or both...

Finally, has anyone had a chance to compare this insert vs. some of the others on the market currently (GYT-R, Pro Moto, Vortip)?

FYI...I don't have either the cash or the time now to look into a whole new exhaust system...so the insert option seems to be the best way for me to proceed.

Thanks in advance...

Larry "CO"

I have one in my 03 WR450, stock exhaust. I love it...it's lots less restrictive than the GYT-R insert I lost, and might be a little quieter. I haven't been thru a sound check, so I don't know the actual sound level, but I have been comlimented on it's quietness a couple times. Email them, they can prob'ly tell you what the typical measurement is...


Thanks for the feedback. I have already emailed them...and the response was approx. 95 db. Also, his comment to me regarding how "restrictive" it is as compared to the uncorked stocker was that it was somewhere between uncorked and stock corked...and that most people end up dropping the needle 1 clip position to lean out the midrange slightly.

All in all, I think I'm going to give her a whirl...for $40 + shipping, it's hard to beat. Not to mention, I need something in place by 9/11, as I'll be doing a trailride that has a 96db requirement.

Once I get it and do a few test runs with it, I'll post my thoughts regarding its performance...

Thanks again!

Larry "CO"

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