Front Tire Size

What is the groups experience ( :thumbsup:) with putting a larger size front wheel on the BRP. I am trying to minimize the front wheel sliding out in lose stuff turns. When the front wheel starts sliding I hit the throttle and kick the rear wheel out which is fun and stops the slide (wash out) on the front wheel. But I didn't perform this trick a couple of weeks ago and suffered the consequences.

Does anyone think going to a bigger size tire will help? If so how big and what Brand and Model. I ride loose soil, hard packed soil, river sand and Slick gumbo mud.

I have been running a Kenda Carlsbad 80/100-21 front tire. It seems to have a much larger footprint than any other front tire I've tried. I do not have another front around to measure, just looks and feels larger. I am not running it for it's size, just because it wears well and is cheap. :thumbsup:

I've found that front tires are very sensitive to correct air pressure where I ride. I add a little more air when I ride in rocks. Lower the pressure when riding loose areas to help with the traction.

Also, raising the fork tubes helps put more pressure on the front tire which helps in less sliding out. It also helps by shortening your turning radius. It makes wheelies a bit harder if your in to that kind of thing and makes the bike a little less stable at speed.

shorten the forks tubes = heavier front end less high speed stability.

lengthen the tubes = lighter front end and more high speed stability.

Nice thing about is these adjustments can be made with no modifications to your bike. In other words it's free and if you don't like it just change it back. :thumbsup:

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