Rear Shock/Suspension Problems


Crashed my bike about 9 weeks ago and have been off it ever since. (I rode 40K after the crash with no bike probs) I am almost healed now and cranked the bike up yesterday. My problem is I have about 4 to 5 " of plush travel in the rear and then feels like it is bottomed. But looking at the rear tire I have plenty of travel left. Linkage frozen??? I could not check the linkage alone yesterday. Any suggestion?? And can I take the linkage apart without the shock extending??


Possibly tore one of the cheap needle bearings or somehow got some dirt in there. Yes you can pull the shock off without it extending just do it with a bike on the stand. Just a warning the bolts will be very tight and may take some time to break free. Clean and grease the linkage and see how that works. You should probably clean and grease it anyway.

Thanks Gonzo,

I am hoping that it is just dirt oreven rust from sitting for so long.


other than the linkage, I have seen the bladders internally in the shock break thus causing like a hydraulic lock on the shock.

I had that same problem a few weeks ago, ended up being a bent shock shaft and cracked the linkage....i hope thats not what happened to yours....Pete :thumbsup:

Ouch!! I am hoping it is not that too. I decided to take it to the dealer and let him sort it out.


I have a shock from a 1999 426 I'll sell for $100.00 if you need it, It's well used, but doesn't leak and is in good shape.

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