What to buy - XR400, WR426, WR250

Great site! Guys, I need some help. I am going to be purchasing a new bike (probably a 2000-2002) with in the next few months and I'm torn between a XR400, WR400 or 426 and the new WR250. My experience is I have been riding for 10yrs both motocross (96 yz 125) and street (98 Honda Shadow ACE 750). Now I would like to do some trail riding (mostly tight trails) and maybe some hare scrambles. I would also like to license the bike for the road, so I can easily ride to the trails. I'm 6'0, age 27 and weigh 185 lbs. My skill level is intermediate. Which bike is best for me? Any insight would help me. I haven't had the chance to ride any of the 3 bikes yet.

Thanks for the help


A buddy of mine has a '01 XR400 and I have a '01 YZ426. We are both thinking about trying to convert them (baja kit) so we can ride to the trails. He wishes his bike had a little more punch. The WR250 is suppose to perform as well if not better than the xr (I think Honda is finally going to upgrade the xr next year). If he could do it over again he says he would get the WR250. I love my YZ, but dealing with this conversion, I wish I got the WR instead. I have not been on a 250, so the 250 vs. 426 is a hard choice. The track I usually ride my YZ on is pretty tight and I never really get in 3rd gear. The trails I ride are kind of tight and I never really get out of 4th. I say this to say that I feel like I am not getting out of my bike all that I can and maybe a WR250 would have been a better choice. Given the nature of the track and the trails I ride along with the desire to convert to street use, today I would probably get the WR250 over the others. But, like I said earlier, I have never been on a 250 so I am not sure if it has that same great punch that the 426 has. Good luck!

hi jt

i was also torn between which bike to get recently . always had 2 strokes ( yz125 )

but decided to go with the wr400 y2k ( no more premixing fuel ).

i fitted the official yamaha road kit on it so i wouldn't keep getting pulled by the old bill whilst on the road . so far i recon i made the right choice , its the dogs bits .

one drawback though it eats the standard

michelin comp 3's , recon i might try the pirelli mt21 or dunlop 606 .

do your self a favour jt go wr , you also get

real help when you need it from all the guys in the forum .


portsmouth england

If you want a bulletproof bike and aren't worried about power the XR fits the bill. WR's are reliable but sorry, my WR is nothing like my old XR was. The XR is also easier to start than the WR400/426.

Unless your power mad the 250 is more flickable than it's larger brother. I have a 400 btw.

Something else to consider is that Honda is introducing their 4 stroke MX bike this fall. It would need a lighting kit but it should raise the bar as to what a 4 stroke dirt bike should be like. I just wish they would base an XR on it.

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