Riding Impressions

I'm having a blast on the big red HONDA. In the open desert this thing absolutly mowes down whoops better than any bike I have ever ridden. I works outstanding in the rocks and has torque and power much better suited to dual sporting than my previous bikes. In short I really like this bike. Its the easiest kick starting bike I have ever owned and a real pleasure to ride long distances compared to My WR. It is much more confortable in every regard.

ON the tighter through the rocks trails it works fine and I'll have to wait for awhile to get back in the forest to evaluate it on trails but I am quite sure it will be just fine.

It is heavy but once over 3-5mph you never notice the weight. I thought for sure nasty long down hills would be a major problem but they were not maybe its the outstanding Honda brakes and they are truly excellent on both ends.

I did tip it over in a odd position and could not get out without help but the position I got myself into would have been a problem no matter what bike I was riding.

So far I'm a very happy camper with the XR650R as a dual sport mount and all around play bike.


[This message has been edited by Clark Mason (edited 01-04-2001).]

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