2000 WR 400

Okay this is for the guys who own a wr 400, i am wondering if anyone has installed a powernow on there bike yet? If so what kind was it, where did you get one, and what did it do for performance wise on the bike? I have also been reading about the BK mod, i am thinking of doing that as well, but would like some feedback on that too, ant last but not least i am looking for any other kinds of mods that i can do for my bike to give it that kick in the ass. I have done the following, grey wire, YZF timimg, header, fmf powercore 4 and the Q, jets, bigger sprocket and new chain. I think that is it. Thanks for any feedback!!! :thumbsup:

sorry this is'nt a reply but, do the wr 400s have wide ratio gearing :thumbsup:?

Hence the name WR (Wide Ratio)? :thumbsup:

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