Got my BajaDesigns DSK today. Awesome!

Yeah, so I got the kit today. I ordered the kit on the first of december and they said to expect a 8 week delay. It arrived sooner than expected for sure!

Everything is very top notch! I am very impressed with the quality of the kit. The manual is excellent with lots of pictures and templates to get everything mounted on the bike.

Now I just have to find time to mount it up, then get my endorsement, insurance and plates.



If you don't mind me asking, how much, to you're door?

I wasn't too impressed with mine...horn was a joke,went right in the trash,turn signal flasher died twice the first year(internal break),head light hilow switch burnt out at the worst time,(while powering a stock wattage bulb)brake light switch has died a few times,tail light filled with water and dust.(and it was a"sealed"unit)repaired twice then finaly died.

Not impressed for a nearly 600$$ item ,,just say'n...

My complete system has been slowly replaced in just a few years.And i really don't ride it that much!

I bought a Baja Design and the price is crazy for what they want. I bought the parts and built my own for under $200 bucks and it's so far been a much better system then the Baja Design. I will continue to build my own till there prices go down!

For the DIYers, the harness is only about $40 or so, then you can add your components of choice and better quality.

Or take $2 of wire and roll your own. :thumbsup:

or order from procycle there kit is cheaper

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