Looking for best SS brake line routing

Does anyone have a pic of their bike (wr426) with a Stainless front brake line installed. I'm trying to figure out the best way to run it

I'll have a look, or take one... but it is simple enough... just get the fork protector with the CR style clamp, or get or make a clamp to hold the line on the fork guard, then, just run the brakeline through the clamp, on the inside of the fork leg (not actually touching the fork leg), and down to the caliper... Just like a Honda... although, the Honda-owned patent ran out recently, so the Yamaha 05's are coming out with the brake line done right, from the factory...

Also, if you do the brakeline conversion, it is quite safe to remove the fork guard guides and avoid possible snagging of the brake line or the new clamp...

Good luck,


Great!! thanks man. :thumbsup: If you could take a pic I would appreciate it alot. You can email it to me if you want or post it here.

jasv11@excite.com :devil:

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