Source for "factory" wiring connectors? (04 WR 450)

I'm building my own "minimal legality" street conversion kit. I would like to find wiring connectors that match factory ones in order to eliminate as much cutting and splicing as possible. Also, does anybody have a wiring diagram they could show me from a conversion kit that they used? Might help me decide how I wish to wire this all up.

Thanx for your help.... :thumbsup::devil:

If you find them, let me know....I looked for a month+ before I said eff it and cut the yellow wire...couldn't even get someone that YZd theirs to fess up and sell me the old wiring/connectors :devil:

Good luck.... :thumbsup:

Two courses of action come to mind, wether either will yield results or not is up to you to find out.

1. Inspect the plugs in question, with a magnifying glass if need be, & try finding some #'s or markings & do an internet search.

2. Call an aftermarket company that manufactures reprogramable/reprogramed CDI's & see if they'll tell you who they got their connectors from.

The second option seems like the best for finding out where they came from, but there is the possibility that they'll only sell you 1000 of them or more.


I would suggest looking for the connectors need at a bike wreckers. Failing that, here is a link you may want to try:



Tried looking at the link, but most of the info is technical specs of their connectors, not enough pictures to reliably identify which connectors I have. They did look extremely close in some cases though. Probably bears investigation... Thanks for your help, any other ideas out there?

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