XR650R parts for sale

I'm selling the following parts from my XR650R:

Scotts Stab with rear mount $290

Baja Design dual sport kit $275

IMS 3.2 gal tank, red $125

BRP triple clamp w/ 7/8" $115

and 1/18" bar clamps. Bars

can be mounted @ 13 or 19mm

forward offset.

Trailtech panoram $50

New in box rear fender $35

If anyone is interested I will sell my wheels and suspension on an exchange basis. The wheels are Excels with 8ga buchanon spokes. $325

The suspension is White brothers pro mod. Forks are revalved with .45 Eibach springs. Shock is revalved with 10.5 Eibach spring. $250

If you're interested let me know,

Kevin gtms34@aol.com

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