Q's on shift problems with the POS 87 XR600

Well guys...

Sometimes you get what you pay for... meaning that XR600 for $200 was a bit of a rip-off. Compression is good, F&R tires are in good shape, forks need new seals, frame is cracked where the kick-stand used to be, owner promised pinkslip and still hasn't returned the phone calls, seat is shot and needs recover, needs bars, electrical work, clutch, plastics, air filter, carb rebuild, new kick-starter spring return, some gaskets and seals here and there and a new exhaust system....

But most of all I need some help in getting the thing to shift out of first gear. Everything turns, piston goes up & down, the tranny and gears seem to go round and round just fine..(no crunching or grinding or binding) and the pig was picked up in nuetral. In an effort to get the thing started we put a shift lever on it and thought that we could bump-start her... shifted into first and then it got frozen there!! I've done everything short of hitting the lever with a BFH to get it into nuetral or even second (would be a lot easier to bump-start)... Any Ideas??


Where in San Diego are you? I'll take a look at it and see if I can help. Check your PM.


Sell it for $300 to a guy with an XR650L who wants kick start...


tnt left you a PM



My 92 had similar symptoms a year or so ago. I couldn't get it out of first/neutral without a lot of jimmying around w/ the shift lever. Turned out that star shaped thing bolted to the end of the shift drum under the right cover (provides the detente between gears) had come loose and was getting jammed up w/ the little wheel thing that rides on it. It was an easy fix. cleaned it up w/ dremel and put it back on w/ loctite on the bolt.

Hope that's all it is for you too.

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