XR400 for dual purpose??

I have read:

"This big Honda is a fantastic ride for dual sporting. It is much easier to ride a long ways on than the WR as it is much more comfortable ..."

Clark Mason


It is about XR650R.

Is XR400R such comfortable as XR650R ???


I am selling my dual sport KLX300, It's a 98 with about 1,500 miles on it. I live in michigan so I doesn't have blinkers on it.

I'll take $3000 for it. I want a YZ250F


You may want to check some of the articles in the tech section of this page: http://www.justxr.com

Basically the 400 will be comfortable. The XR6 and XR650 will walk away from a 400 on the top end and speed. If you do a LOT of highway miles, a 6 or 650 would be better if you can overcome the extra weight. Otherwise, maybe carry a larger countershaft sprocket for the street and gear down for the trail.

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