Which D/S kit do you like the best?

I'm looking to buy or make a Dual Sport kit for one of my XR650R's and wanted to get some opinions on which kit y'all like the best and why? The four D/S kits I know of are from Baja Designs, UFO, Electriex & Trick Dual Sport. It doesn't seem too difficult to put together a D/S kit, so I'd like to hear any input on which components you used if you made your own.

I'm also planning to build a Super Moto XR650R that I'd like to take on the street, so please feel free to offer any advice on which components you used. I just bought a set of Excel/Talon 17" wheels, so I'm on my way :thumbsup:

I've got a baja designs on mine. The quick release design, although I've never taken it off since I put it on.

I like it fine never had a problem with it and the installation was easy.

I went riding the other weekend with Dale from trick dual sport up in kenndy meadows and of corse he had a bunch of his bikes with dual sport kits on them.

He showed me some of the features and they seem a little more trick than my baja designs. They have a plug for a GPS and just the lay out of the lights and blinkers seemed more compact and better.

Long story short....My baja designs works fine and was easy to install, If I was doing it again I'd take a good look at the trick dual sport.


Last year I dualsported a KTM 360exc from scratch, and now have a 650R dualsport.

Both bikes were built with Baja designs components..

Baja designs has great feed-back as far as following up on purchases, tech help etc, but their main handlebar control switch....no way else to say it, sucks.. Not water-proof, wears out at the slightest hint of dust and cleaning solvents. Went thru 2 of them when building my 360 from scratch, ( 1st one was faulty from the get go, they replaced it for free), and on my second one for the pig since march.

But, they stand behind their products, and are allways on the spot with help & replacement parts.

BD is kinda like you know they'll come thru, but with what??

Been looking at the Trick, cool stuff...

Botom line-as allways, service vs. technology...


i have the standard baja designs dsk - no problems :thumbsup: - had a baja designs kit on my xr 600 for 5 years - no problems :devil::awww:

jeff :lol:

I have a BajaDesigns dual sport kit on my 650R, it's the older one, not the quick release. It's worked fine with only a couple of minor issues; which are: The rubber band holding the blinker flasher snapped after 1 year. BD replaced it no charge. Then, the handlebar switchgear wore out after 2 years (it is cheesy). They replaced that part also at no charge.

I think the other brands look better and more compact, but I have no experience with them.


'00 XR650R /uncorked/jetted/street legal

'04 KX500 /fmf gnarly/illegal in some states

Baja Designs set up my KX500 and I have had no problems with the parts they provided. That was 6 years ago. Still have it.

I put the Trick Dual Sport kit on my KTM 525 and really like it. It is more high tech from an electrical point of view. Very compact have had no issues with it. Comes off in 10 or 15 minutes though I have never taken it off.

I agree with all the positive statements made about Baja Designs. Trick Dual Sport customers are loyal also for the same reasons. He guarantees his kit for 1 year. :thumbsup:

If your interested what the Trick Dual Sport kit looks like go to their site. Also on ktmtalk.com my 525 is posted as the example of a finished Dual Sported 525 with pictures under the Dualsport section.

If I could get my XR650R dual sported in WA state (we can't do that anymore), I would go with the Trick Dual Sport as my first choice although I wouldn't feel bad about having a BD kit.

i have the regular BD kit on the XR400 and the Quick Release on the 650. Both are good. But neigher are bullet proof.

the idea of having most all the components behind the number plate is cool. maybe there is a need in the Super-Motard/ Street Bike world for a similar platform. Take it off for track day, on for a trip to Auto-Zone.

A slightly larger front 'fairing' would be nice for such a bike. Maybe a see-through 3-4 inches up top like the 650 Kawisaki has. Add in an H-4 bulb, turn signals, etc...it would be cool...maybe that could be the next product on the Qadson.com site? .... and then some exhaust pipes!

just an idea...

-Mike :thumbsup:

When I bought my bike, it had the regular BD kit on it. It seemed nice enough, but not my thing. I took it off and sold it. I ended up doing a bare bones kit running off the stock lighting coil only. I used Lockhart Philips flush mounts and added a dual filiment socket in the rear tail light lens. I use a brake light switch bolt on the rear pedal. I used a mini toggle from radio shack and a pep boys flasher for the blinkers. It workd okay, but needs a stater rewind to work better. I am now going to do an LED setup which will use way less juice and be brighter. My buddy did it on his DRZ and it is awesome. I am gonna make it a removable rear fender piece so I can put it on when I am in motard form and remove it for the desert.

...the idea of having most all the components behind the number plate is cool...

Yeah, but does it interfere with a Scotts or GPR forward mount damper setup? I've also got an email into Trick D/S with this question.

I like these Acerbis hand guards with integrated turn signals, but are they DOT legal?


I also like the UFO Oregon style headlight with integrated turn signals, but it's not truly DOT legal.


I have the ELine Multi Sport Kit and would definitely buy another. Installation is quick and easy and it weighs less than 5 lbs. The switch is very simple, compact and bulletproof. I haven't even had to replace so much as a bulb in 3 yrs. and many thousand miles. It is definitely a minimalast kit though and may not be the best choice for exclusive street use. It's worth a look though.

ELine Multi Sport Kits

http://www.electrexusa.com Not much mentioned on this DS Kit. Anyone have one? Want to comment?

My $.02- Whether you build or buy a dualsport kit should be determined by two things - what specifically the bike will be inspected for, and your street to dirt/supermoto ratio.

I've dualsported several bikes by piecing together the necessary components for much cheaper than the price of the aftermarket kits. My "kits" have been minimal and not officially legal (ie no battery & low profile non-DOT lights) but since these bikes are primarily offroad it works out best. The lighting that the aftermarket companies provide with their kits is silly looking IMO and not too offroad worthy BUT, certainly much more legal looking to the law. If I was on the road with a cop behind me I'd much rather have a DOT dualsport taillight with a license plate mount than be running a converted stock taillight with the plate tacked to the fender. OTOH, a stock taillight and small flushmount turn-signals will always fare better than the large, DOT legal lights in crashes & super tight singletrack. I ride with a guy who just bought the BD dualsport kit without their lights and hooked it up to his stock lights. It worked out nicely - not too much $, the wiring was easy, and he has a DC charging system that'll power a GPS. Their switch assembly isn't the best but it does function as the bike's main power switch which is kinda cool.

http://www.electrexusa.com Not much mentioned on this DS Kit. Anyone have one? Want to comment?

I'd like to hear more about this kit too. From what I can tell by looking at various pictures and talking with Electrex, this kit looks very well made and it's truly DOT legal.

I have the standard BD kit. Solid choice. I like the "legal look" to keep cops from getting too curious. Kit goes unnoticed off road and everything has held up well.....so far.

...the idea of having most all the components behind the number plate is cool...

Yeah, but does it interfere with a Scotts or GPR forward mount damper setup? I've also got an email into Trick D/S with this question.

Trick Dual Sport's brain fits right behind the headlight and is very small. I have the forward mount GPR and Tricks unit if I had it installed on my xr650 would not interfere, if intalled on the stock headlight. If his Headlight replacement plastic has similar dimensions it should be ok. But I'm sure he will give you a more precise answer once he checks out what he has to work with.

Wholly Crap Qadman!

A 650 thread that is longer than 5 posts! Good God Man!

I have a buddy that put one of the first Baja Quik Release kits on his bike. Overall a cool set up. We looked at the Electrex kits too. They are located in Oceanside, Their kit is cool but we felt that the weight was a bit more than what he stated it was. All his componenets were behind his number plate, battery included. Not sure if I wanted that much weight added right there up high. Their kit could be different as it's been almost 2 years ago. Still haven't D/S'd the pig but I am looking to now, so this is a very timely post. Bye Bye NOW! :thumbsup:

just FYI the BD Quick Release i have is mounted with a forward mount Scotts dampner--no clearence issues. Standard mount from BD sticks out a few inches--survived the Vegas to Reno so for sure its a good mount...

For the rear end i REALLY like the Scott Summers (SRCinc.net) aluminum version....those plastic bolt on top of or under the rear fender license plate holders/lights always work their way loose IMHO or break the fender if not re-enforced.

SRC is making me a custom rear end with rack over the rear fender, sub-frame extension, and beefy aluminum under the fender plate-holder to fit with an Acerbis under-the seat-tank--in fact i gotta call em and find out how its going...should be bullet proof as i am gonna be doing some long miles with the set up in January...just a plug here- Summers' SRCinc.net has been AWESOME to work with. Possibly the best customer service i have ever had on BRP related stuff (other than Rob!)

I did my own LED set up in the stock rear light--Radio Shack'd it and so far so good...buy the clear LED's not the red ones...also ledtrailerlights.com seems to be a good source for LED's--i know cycoactive and others go to them for sourcing...the new CRF250X has a rear LED set up--maybe throwing one under the stock BRP rear light? that might be the best yet--all OEM--thats what i will try when i get the new rear end from SRC. :thumbsup:

Great post Sr Qadsan! I was about to ask Irondude to come back and stir up things...

Products for Qadsan.com

1) copy the new FMF 4 stroke 'expansion chamber' pipe- make one for our bike--quiet and great on the dyno...

2) beefy rear section with LED

3) black plastic shrouds, fenders, panels.

4) thermostats

5) quick detach front fairing with inductive tach, oil and H2O temp guages, dual sport lights, flashers, horn. Make it a bit bigger so ya can get out of the rain...sort of.

you da mahn...


I've got the Trick Dual Sport kit on mine and I love it! It stands up to the abuse of my throwing the bike downhill on the trails and keeps on ticking.... I added an Acerbis LED tail light and plate kit after having the plate on the back fender for a while. After getting pulled over by a local Sheriff who couldn't see the plate, I decided to go more legal. :thumbsup: The tail light kit stands up to my shenanigans off-road, too.

Rokatt88, check your PM's :thumbsup:

Rokatt88, check your PM's :thumbsup:

Roger That! :devil:

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