Which D/S kit do you like the best?

does it interfere with a Scotts or GPR forward mount damper setup?

seems to be plenty of room with the baja designs dsk and 2.0 GPR :thumbsup:



jeff :devil:

Check out trickdualsport.com -- great project great people!

Those acerbis dual sport hand guards look good and the position of the lights keeps them away from the headlight so they can be seen. They also have some spoilers to add protection from the elements. I am thinking of getting them for the pig. I ordered the BD kit from TT but haven't seen it yet. I hope I have made the right choice after reading this thread I don't know.

I also have the BD standard kit and it works great so far. 2 years and 1000s of Kms. I do have one complaint though and that is with the headlight. I don't have the stator rewound for more output yet but I will do so after this years season is over. The headlight however can't really be ridden with at night. It could be bright enough who knows. It never points at the ground. the low beam aims at about where high should be and high is in the sky somewhere. It's held on with 4 rubber straps, as I think most are with no real adjustment or means to keep it where it should be. You can move it to where it is close to useable but 5min later it's gone again. :banghead: If other kits don't mount this way correct me as I would maby replace it if something else works better.

Well lets make that 2 complaints. The other is the rear tail light and lack of subframe support. The rear fender vibrates a lot and I couldn't keep a standard bulb in it for long. I fixed this by installing a new socket aimming rearward in the stock(BD) tail light. Than installing a white LED bulb. Works great as a brake/tail light and still illuminates the plate. For good measure I installed 2 small red LED truck/trailer marker lights on either side just above the plate wired only for the brakes. Hey I wanna be see.

The main purpose was to get it on the road and get to riding destinations with out getting a hassle form the police and so far so good. They can't find anything illegal on this bike and they have looked. But most times they see the plate and never give it a second look. :applause:

The best way is to make ur own. Around $150 will get you everything ur gonna need.

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