How far with XR400 ?

How far you can ride with 1 gas tank on XR400R ??

sorry for 2 question about 400, but i cant find forum for XR400. i think maybe same owners of 400 read this XR650R discassion.

I have a wr400r but my budies has xr400 we ride about 140 km. and refill. a full trotlel. stock bikes

Typically with a standard tank - the XR400 will still be going when the others have run dry. Economical, friendly, stacks of midrange, comfortable and capable of delivering the goods when needed. You need to look at the type of riding you will be doing. If lots of road or fire road work then the XR650 will be fine, but if you plan on anything harder involving mud, twists and jumps then the 650 is a bit too big and is a real handful. The WR is very track focussed and hence the XR is a bit comfier as an all rounder. Hope that helps.

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