Clutch pull on 400

What are you guys doing for the stiff clutch pull of the YZ400F? Anything other than that hydrolic clutch? Anything cheaper? MSR had a clutch that decreases the stiffness by 33%, has anyone tried it? Does it work? What is the best option?


Brian Bills

i have the raptor perch and lever and i like it its alot easier than stock.

Drill your stock clutch lever out and lube the heck out of the cable. IT WORKS AND IT'S FREE!!! I used a 21/64 bit for the main barrel hole, then an 1/8 bit to drill out and smooth the area where the cable pulls through. Careful not to drill the main hole too deep. Basically you are moving the "hole" that the cable end fits in back slightly behind the existing hole. Gives the lever more leverage ( ironic huh? :thumbsup: )


Just replace your perch and lever setup with a newer OEM Yamaha setup. Yamaha changed the lever (and ratio) and perch back in 2001 or 2002 and it is a world better. Use a silicon or teflon lub in your cable and you should have a pull reminiscent of a 125. I used a 2003 250F perch with the hotstart lever acting as my decomp. Sweet!


My bike is a 2002 and I still drilled the will work and make your 400 clutch easier....and it's FREE...did I mention it's FREE?? :thumbsup:

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