white bros e series?

I took my discs off to inspect my exhaust.. At the end of the discs, closest to the back there is a flat disc.. Is this the spark arrestor? If i remove it will it free up more power? Also I am running 6 dics, what does adding more or putting less on do for the power?

The flat disk is the spark arrestor. More disks = more power = more Db. I think 6 is about the minimum you should have so depending on how loud you are prepared to go, try taking some out.

I romoved my spark arrestor today to test it out. It reved faster and had less power. I was still curious if anyone knows what adding discs does for the power? More discs more bottom, or less bottom? less discs more top?? :thumbsup:

You should try a coke can it will give you more power than what you got, Bubba. :devil:

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You should try a coke can it will give you more power than what you got, Bubba. :awww:

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Well then it would be too heavy, and if it was too heavy i would lose sleep and not be able to function. and if i couldnt function then i wouldnt be able to interact with all of my nerd friends on an intellectual level...... :devil:

The more discs more power in the higher revs, the less discs more power in the bottom end. try 8 discs that semms the best for sound and power.

I made a mistake you should not use a coke can. Use a mountain dew can you nerd.

I got 12 so i put em all in, sounds alright to me.

The documentation that comes with the pipe suggests that 12 discs will get you the best powerband for a WR400F. Using less discs makes the bike quieter, with less top-end power.

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