Anyone Race at Lodi Cycle Bowl TT need advice.

Anyone race TT at Lodi thinking about giving it a try need help with tire selection.

thanks, Huge

My dog will bring you good luck :)


Call A&A Racing and order a Goodyear CD5 rear tire ($117). Its only availible in 19" so if you only have an 18 then get a Dunlop 18" Dirt Track rear ($102).

For the front if you leave it a 21" a variety of dual sport tires will work. The hot ticket though is to lace up a 19" front rim. To buy a trick setup will run $500 but it is worth every penny. My buddy raced with a Continental Dual Sport tire and it seemed to work fine on the short track. I'm wanting to go with a 19" front and slam my YZ for flat track. Its tough riding them so tall. But on a TT it should be fine.

Roostn in Denver

Duh, A&A Racing is at 1-800-551-7755. They are the flat track specialists and have geeked these YZ/WR's out.


Thanks Roostn I will be ordering the rear and i have an extra hub on the workbench. How wide of a rim can you run on the front?

The 426 has got the motor for flat track i can't wait to see how we do.

back'in it in, Huge

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