XR650R vs DRZ400E

Can anyone give me advise on witch bike to buy...??

Can you use the drz400e on the street or is it useless on the road..???

Can you use the xr650r in the woods/mx track or is it just a porky pigg???????????

The 650 is just too big for the mx track. Why are you comparing the 650 with the DRZ400? Why not the XR400? Then you just have to decide whether or not electric start is important to you.

I own a 650r and personally I wouldn't ride either on a track. I have rode both bikes and I like my 650. It's does feel heavy in the tight stuff but having the torque up hills is handy. It's fun to ride on the street too, although a sixth gear would be nice.

you might be better off looking at WRF's or EXC-F's.   However very few machines will be really good at MXtype riding and road riding.

   Even if you settle on a bike,  no tyres will never suit both.......

Wow, 14 years

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