I'm wondering if anyone knows faults or defects to look for when purchasing an early model xr600, as a mate of mine is pretty keen on getting one. Any help or thoughts greatly appreciated.

Check out on my page at http://xr600.cjb.net

Here is the long link: http://members.home.net/mjbobbitt/XR600/basicspecs.html

Basically the 85-87 have a weak 3rd gear. Also until 91 they have rear drums. 88 and newer get a 18" rear wheel up from the previous 17" rear.

Basically the 91+ are the good bikes. They have cartridge front forks, rear disc and the piggy back rear mono shock. In 96 honda did a few minor changes on the bikes. I dont know all the details of that change.

Thanks for that Matt, at least I now have some idea of what to look out for, when searching for these beasts,


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