Buying a 2004 Yamaha WR450F from LA Cycle

I'm looking at an email that I received from LA Cycle, located in Marina del Rey, CA (near LA airport) which contains a sales offer for a new 2004 Yamaha WR450F. Their out the door price for California residents is $5,999.00. That price includes the motorcycle, state tax, DMV and documentation fees. Now this is an excellent price. Question is ---- Is this too good to be true? Local dealers just laughed at the price and said go to LA. Has anyone had dealings with LA Cycle? If you bought a motorcycle from them, did you pay the advertised price or were there hidden costs at the close of the deal? I don't want to drive 300 miles only to be subjected to a "bait and switch" operation. If I buy from them, can I expect that their service dept will properly assemble and service the motorcycle for delivery? Any input concerning this dealer and his advertised prices would be appreciated.

2005 Will be Green Sticker. Maybe they are trying to get rid of them. I think if i live in Cal. I would want a Green sticker to not limit my riding options.


Man, I'd not let a few hundred dollars screw me out of the green sticker for the rest of the time I owned the bike. I was a little impatient and bought my 04 mid year, knowing that 05 would likely be green sticker legal. Fortunately, up where I live the red sticker isn't that big of an issue. Still though, it does prohibit me from riding some places I might want to go, especially when I look at going south of here to ride with my brother. $6000 OTD isn't a bad price, I paid $6200, but depending on where you ride, do seriously consider the red sticker versus the green.

I've seen one at dealership as low as $5400. But I'm not in Kalifornia. If I was you, I'd wait for the 2005 w/ the green sticker. Or move to Nevada and forget about all that silly green/red sticker nonsense.

If this is the place you're talking about:

then yes, they are very good to deal with.

I bought 2 bikes from them at different times. They gave me the OTD price over the phone and when they were picked up...the price was exactly the same. Both bikes were new and the transactions were very simple and quick.

Good guys to deal with in my experience.

Good luck. By the way...I'm waiting for the 05 WR450F and most likely will be buying from them again.

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